Sponsor a Rescue Horse

Sponsorship Tiers

Individual sponsorship is awarded to someone who makes an occasional donation or a monthly donation as low as $1 per month. Individual Donors join our newsletter mailing list and receive special shout outs on the social media of their choice.
Partner sponsorship typically includes monthly monetary donations beginning at $20 per month or includes in-kind donations such as hay or treats. Partners receive invitations to all public events and are added to our Partner Network.
Benefactor sponsorship begins at $100 per month and includes in-kind donations such as hauls, fencing, or photography shoots. Benefactors receive private tours of foster barn facilities and receive special recognition in our print and digital media.
Corporate sponsorship is suited for small and large businesses wishing to promote Pacific Northwest Equine Protection Society as their selected charity for the month or year. Corporations may also select this sponsorship tier when they agree to match their employees' donations to the organization dollar-for-dollar. Businesses that wish to sponsor at this tier should contact us directly to join the verified Employer Matching Program list.