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March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016
January 15, 2016

From the Ashes

In October 2016, Pacific Northwest Equine Protection Society (PNEPS) heard about several horses bought for slaughter from an auction. However, the horses were in such terrible condition they were turned down for transport to the Canadian slaughterhouse. Instead, the horses were now waiting at a Stanwood processing facility, where horses are weighed and tagged for slaughter in dirty and terrifying conditions.

Through our equine rescue network, PNEPS learned all but one horse, a mare, had been saved. We were told she was a sorrel quarter horse used as a brood mare. Although there was a chance she was pregnant, she was still awaiting transport to a Mexican slaughterhouse.

Upon learning this information, PNEPS dispatched its Equine Rescue Team (ERT) to Stanwood in an emergency effort to intercept the truck heading for Mexico. Fortunately, our ERT was successful and the mare was safely hauled to a foster farm in Monroe.

Upon arrival, her health and hooves were assessed. We learned she was not pregnant, but she was in a great deal of pain, experiencing soreness in both her feet and her body. Thankfully, an excellent ferrier in our network was able to make her more comfortable by adding pads to her shoes.

The Phoenix Rises


Our team at PNEPS landed on the name Phoenix, because she truly rose from the ashes. Beautiful, sweet, and gentle, this mare with a kind demeanor was immediately at home with our volunteer foster team.

We are proud to announce that Phoenix was adopted by a family in Montana where she will spend the rest of her life on a farm full of love for her.